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From Vision to Reality - CREATE YOUR BEST YEAR YET

A grounding yoga and vision board workshop

Do you sometimes feel like you're going through life without a roadmap?
Are there areas in your life where you'd like more fulfillment (health, relationship, career, work life harmony, etc)? 

Not sure about your purpose in life? Maybe you're ready to step it up a notch or just ready for a change?

If you answered yes or maybe to any of these questions, join Sky for a fun-filled, grounding yoga and vision board workshop. If you’ve never made a vision board, a vision board is a tool to help guide you to your future goals. The process is so much fun! Sky is a firm believer in whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve. 

In this two and a half hour workshop we will move our body, mind and spirit in the direction of our visions and dreams. 

What to expect from this workshop:

  • All level yoga to get the juices flowing

  • Guided visualization exercise

  • Group Coaching and Inspiration

  • Networking with like-minded people

  • Roadmap to 2022 (your vision board)

  • Restorative yoga and singing bowls to let it sink in

  • Fun, music, good vibes!

YogaSix, Santa Rosa

When: Saturday, January 22, 2-430pm

Register through YogaSix here.

(To book the class,  to book class, you will have to buy the credit first

and then book yourself into the class.)
Or call: 707-527-6454


What to bring:

Yoga mat

  • Photos, quotes, anything you may want to put on your vision board

  • Scissors, colored pens if you would like

  • Magazines to use and share (I will also provide)

  • Open mind and attitude

  • Invite a friend to sign up! You can be each other’s accountability buddy!


Make time for yourself.

Take the time you need to reflect on where you are and where you want to be.

Unleash your inner self and discover what you need to create and live your best year yet.

Join the party!

This workshop is intended for you to get quiet, and focus on the one person that sometimes gets left behind – you!

Set your intentions for a stellar 2022 and may it be your best year yet!

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