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Equinox Shift Happens
Yoga and Meditation Retreat




Sunday, September 19


at Bees N Blooms


Address: 3883 Petaluma Hill Road, Santa Rosa



9:30am to 2pm


Our June Shift Happens Retreat was such a beautiful experience, we have decided to do it again!

Our retreat will once again be held at

- Bees N Blooms -


a beautiful spot at the Petaluma/Santa Rosa border with a lavender labyrinth.




We continue to go through changes, shifting and growing.

This retreat will be similar to our June retreat,, continuing to let go of what doesn't serve us and stepping into our Truth - what we want to manifest and invite into our lives. We will be using the energy of the Fall Equinox shifting from the alive and vibrant summer energy into a more reflective energy preparing for Fall and Winter. With this shift we open up to receive the goodness of the seeds we planted throughout the year, the healing we have already done, the challenges we have already overcome, the goals we have already reached and overall where we are on our journey, which is perfect.


My intention is to hold space for all of yourSelf and your human experience, loss, growth and more

over the last year and beyond. 

To hold space for what you want to let go of,

intention setting for what has shifted in your life,

what you are moving towards and

what you want to invite into your life

as well as going inward,

dropping into your heart and

grounding all of your being.


Profound healing can happen here if you want it to.

Or just enjoy a day of self-care.


We will enjoy a half day filled with moving and being:

  • Vinyasa Yoga Flow

  • Sitting Meditation

  • Walking Meditation through Labyrinth

  • Healing Visualization

  • Singing Crystal Bowls

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Free time to explore the farm and connect with nature

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