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I am new to life coaching, but I have known Sky for a long time both as a yoga teacher and I have been to a couple of retreats with her, and so when she offered life coaching sessions I jumped at the chance. I was not disappointed. Sky is incredibly warm and caring, and she is also highly intuitive. She innately sees and understands people and has a unique ability to offer dive straight to the key issues in a person's life. Sky helped me to implement several changes in my day to day routine that I have wanted to make for years, but never did until I had Sky to help me bring them to fruition.  She listened to me and then suggested changes I try out until our next session. What really helped them to stick was that we analyzed what worked and what did not, allowing me to make small adjustments and try again until I had a system that fit my life. If you are looking for a life coach with a gentle touch, but is not afraid to get right to the heart of things - Sky is for you!

Jaime K., San Francisco

I went to Sky for a massage therapy session, but that barely touches on what I actually got.  Sky is obviously one with a gift of a natural healer, or agent of healing through connecting with universal forces.  I didn't doubt that time on her table would be beneficial, but I was really quite taken by surprise with the power of what actually happened.   She invited me to state my intention or request at the beginning, and then, almost immediately with her statement of wise guidance following that, something lifted from my body and all that I had been struggling with just left.  I was not the same.  Something almost mysterious had happened and resolution was done.  Then the massage was all bonus nurturing touch.

I think she does her real work in stealth, so to speak.  Massage is the cover, the label on what is offered to get people through the door.  Maybe this is not what everyone will get, but for those who are ready, willing and receptive, I would bet that whatever this gift of hers is really all about, it will deliver powerfully and reliably and expand on out from there.
Thank you Sky!  I recognize that you are a true Mystic, a Healer and a Wise One!

Brenda Scarborough, Tiburon, CA

Sky brings far more than a series of poses to her yoga teaching. While she does create fabulous sequences informed by her deep knowledge of both yoga and Pilates, along with spot-on cues and gentle hands-on adjustments, she also brings a nurturing spirit, tending not only to our bodies through the asanans, but also  mind and soul. She meets students where they are, yet encourages them to reach a bit further if that's appropriate for them that day. Sky grounds the class with her inner wisdom, and uses levity as well. Her classes are the complete package; I always leave feeling well nourished on every level.

Jan Cummings, Corte Madera, CA

Sky has a skillful way of finding creative processes to work through my resistance and to overcome self-imposed hurdles. I really appreciate her compassionate, grounded presence, and the way she creates a safe space for my ideas to come through. She is gentle, yet determined, and really motivates me and helps me stay focused on what is important. She rocks!

Diane F., San Rafael

Sky changed my life with her energy healing and coaching skills so graciously. I felt the shift in my perception from: self doubt to LOVING MYSELF which she so gently guided me through. She is awesome!

Dee Dee, Oakland, CA

Sky has helped me grow and find my path through a series of life and career coaching sessions. I
highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach who is easy to get along with, has extensive
experience in body and mind work and has the training to bring it all together in a highly
effective package of strategies that will work for all.

Sadao Nelson, SF, CA

Sky has been a great source of unconditional support. She has such integrity, empathy, and compassion. I look forward to further
continue benefitting from her guidance and advice. I highly recommend her coaching services. She will motivate and inspire.

Helga Veideman, SF, CA


Your words rang true in my heart today. Patience.  Love.  Compassion. These are the “strong holds” needed for me now.  The anchors.  24/7.  Thank you for reminding me. 

Love, Carolyn

Oh Sky, I was inspired by your presence . You captured my attention with your transparency. You offered tools as well as silence and insight.

It was great...YOU were effective, warm, humorous, smart and a delight... continue to be seen!

much love and healing

Pamela Nye, San Rafael, CA

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