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From Vision to Reality

From Vision to Reality - Create Your Best Year Yet
A Vision Boarding Experience
Buy now - experience whenever you are ready!

This has been my favorite workshop to teach over the last few years and it took a pandemic for me to realize I can transform this into an online offering and share it with so many more people!


Creating a vision board has been a powerful tool for myself for over 10 years and it’s brought me so much joy to share it in my workshops. Every year, it reminds me to take time for myself, look at my life, contemplate, envision, dream and tap into my visions for the new year getting creative with cut-outs, pictures, stickers etc. that reflect experiences I would like to invite into and have more of in my life. Every year when I’m ready to create a new vision board, I transfer my visions from the past year into a dedicated journal. Looking back over the years I can see all the experiences I have manifested for myself. It’s truly a magical process!

Outside of my workshops, I have done this just by myself or with a friend. This year I might do some by myself and some with our 7-year old daughter, Luna, if she is up for it.
You can do this with your kids, your family, roommates or take the time

for just yourself (it’s a really beautiful self-care practice).


Did your life get turned upside this year and you find yourself needing to re-invent yourself, transform and/or shift into a new way of living?


Are there areas in your life where you'd like more fulfillment (health, relationship, career, work life harmony, etc)?


Do you sometimes feel like you're going through life without a roadmap?


Maybe you're ready to step it up a notch or just ready for a change?


Looking for a fun project, creating a vision for yourself? Or together with your family?


If you answered yes or maybe to any of these questions, let me lead you through this fun-filled, grounding vision board workshop. If you’ve never made a vision board, a vision board is a tool to help guide you to your future goals using magazine cut outs, photos and whatever crafty supply you like. The process is so much fun!


In this online workshop you will move your body, mind and spirit in the direction of your visions and dreams.

What to expect from this experience:

  • Movement to get the juices flowing and arriving in your space

  • Guided visualization and brainstorming exercise

  • Guidance to start your vision board

  • Closing Meditation to let it sink in

  • Roadmap to your 2021 (your vision board)

Buy now...

experience whenever you are ready!

Make time for yourself. Take the time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. Unleash your inner self and discover what you need to create and live your best year yet.

Set your intentions for a stellar 2021 and may it be your best year yet!


This also makes a great gift!

On the payment screen, add your friend’s name and email (and a message if you would like) in comments.

Vision Boarding Workshop - $33

Two Vision Boarding Workshops (one for you, one for your friend) - $58


Vision Boarding Workshop including follow-up coaching session: $55


"I am writing this from the condo in my new home on the Outer Banks, NC, on a break from my new job teaching at the local college. Images of these exact things filled the vision board I created during Sky's Vision Board workshop at the beginning of this year. Although a lot of other preparation and effort helped me achieve these huge goals, Sky's workshop was a wonderful supportive and inspiring experience that re-energized me at a time when I needed it. Sky is a wonderful facilitator, with her mix of warmth, empathy, intuition and leadership. Where might you be at this time next year? If you need time and space to crystallize your 2021 vision, I highly recommend this workshop!"


Andrea T.

North Carolina

"I have attended Sky’s vision boarding workshops for the past two years and have found them to be wonderfully inspirational and fun! It’s so important to consider our visions, what’s deeply meaningful in our lives, and how we hope to manifest that. A vision board can capture those dreams, and Sky is the perfect guide for this process!"

Jan C.  


"I participated in Sky’s vision board class last January before the pandemic hit.  Her warm and caring energy and her intuitive nature was perfect to help me identity the goals most important to my development.   Being in the middle of the pandemic has been a really good time to reflect on these goals and keep them in mind.  I have referred to my board and it has been positive to see the efforts on my growth.  I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to have a clearer direction on transforming to the person you want to be."

Chris M.


"Little did I know how much I would come to rely on the vision board that I made at the beginning of the year with Sky. It has been a grounding point that gives me hope, helps me see light and reminds me of the future I know that is mine. Carving out the time to dream and muse with Sky and the group was an added gift. One that I'm grateful I gave myself leading into the new year."

Kate B.  


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