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Sky's Cancer Journey

March 31, 2023


Wow, it’s been so long since my last update!
So here we go…. Last July we moved from California to Northern Florida. We now live in a very quiet neighborhood in a beautiful, peaceful home perfect for my healing.
I started going to the Mayo Clinic for my care which is an hour drive north in Jacksonville.

Unfortunately it’s been a rough journey.

Last fall I had debilitating stomach cramps and had to go to urgent care and ER to find out my cancer has spread to the lining around my organs and I started an intense chemo journey.

3 hours with two different kinds of chemo and for one of them I have to where ice gloves and booties for one hour to avoid neuropathy. The side effects have definitely changed my every day life.
The chemo has worked on my organs and the lining, it kept growing a little in my bones though and we added a hormone blocker. I am also lucky to have also been able to start immunotherapy which seems to help.

Fast forward to February this year… I had extreme head aches and scans and MRIs showed that the cancer has spread into my brain fluid, protective sheet of the brain and spinal code. I had to receive 10 radiation treatments for me brain which brought me to my knees.
I will be in surgery next week Friday to receive a port like device on top on my head so chemo can be directly infused where it needs to go. Everything will be changing now with my treatments and I have to wait until after healing from surgery to find out what it will be.
The unknown and constant changes are hard. Not feeling myself is hard and I have been practicing a lot of letting go and being with what is.

Lots of lessons here!

With my ongoing journey also come ongoing medical bills and I am so grateful for all of you who keep giving and praying for me, being part of my journey. ❤️

Please continue if it feels right and please consider sharing my journey with your communities online and real life ;)

So much love and gratitude to all of you.

I couldn’t do this without you.

February 19, 2022

My eyes glazed over, my Self in complete disbelief. This can't be part of my journey! No way did I sign up for this! But here I am. My life completely turned upside down. My reality shattered. Here I am again with cancer, only this time - strike 2 - am I out? I am going through all emotions on a roller coaster, hanging on. Sometimes it still doesn't feel real, like I am going to wake up from a bad dream.

On Tuesday I was officially diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer which has spread into my bones, liver and lymph nodes. We are still in complete shock. My latest update is a little better news - I had my MRI Thursday and fortunately no cancer in my brain. "Only" in my skull. My treatment starts Wednesday with targeted therapy to hopefully stop cancer from spreading so I can live for years to come. So I can witness Luna grow up. So I can be that little, old, crazy lady still dancing and teaching yoga. I will also explore alternative healing treatments and happy for any info sent my way.

In this Moment, I am grateful.

You can follow my cancer detour journey on facebook:

I have already received so much love and support and a gofundme has been set up for me as well:

You can also Venmo @dare2Byou
(this is actually preferred because gofundme takes quite a bit of the donation. If it asks for last 4 digits of phone number: 1477)

We have a long journey ahead and any amount is greatly appreciated to help cover medical expenses

and wages lost.

Whole Foods,

DoorDash and GrubHub gift cards are also appreciated.

Wellness Coach
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